Amazing property on offer in Singapore: Keppel Bay

Amazing property on offer in Singapore: Keppel Bay

Clifford Chance LLP, the multinational law firm based in London UK, is known as a member of the 'Magic Circle' of leading British law firms. With an estimated total revenue of £1.27 billion, and £1 million in profits per equity partner, it is one of the world's 10 largest law firms.

As the Chinese economy goes all out to embrace new areas of commerce, one important change looks set to produce dividends. China's major cities are all looking for innovative methods of kick-starting their various enterprise plans.

One of the prize assets any ambitious business could ask for is a decent share of international travelers. Whether they're arriving in China laden with sterling, US dollars or indeed any other currency, it goes without saying that the longer they stay in China, the more likely they are to cause dents in local retail markets. In recent times there has been a significant drive to coax these tourists into venturing outside of their usual comforts zones. In short, they are being cajoled to leave airports and begin to seriously enjoy all be fine dining and sightseeing opportunities China has to offer.

Five of the largest cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongging, Chengdu and Guangzhou have introduced a revolutionary visa-free policy. This means that any travelers to these respective cities will be entitled to remain there for periods of up to 72 hours – without visas. Elsewhere in the People's Republic, the city of Dalian is expected to adopt this new approach early next year.

The signs have immediately been promising. Throughout the summer, groups of tourists from as far afield as Australia and France were welcomed into these cities without visas for the very first time. It is fair to say the exercise has been a resounding success. These westerners, relishing their new-found freedom, were to be observed in numbers, sitting outside cafes sipping tea, or getting tucked into bowls of noodles.

As part of the lifting of these visa regulations, travelers must already possess travel tickets into another country, along with the other standard travel documents. In the first instance, the policy was granted to visitors from 45 nations, including Europe and the USA. This was extended last month, and now covers an additional six countries, including Singapore, Japan and Brunei (although visitors from the latter three countries were already allowed to stay without visas for upwards of 15 days).

The thriving city of Singapore currently has a diverse range of properties on offer. Keppel Bay is an extremely popular choice for prospective buyers, for a number of reasons. Firstly, its location is hard to beat. Situated a matter of minutes from the city's main business district, it is also right in the middle of one of the region's most popular nature and recreation enclaves.

One development which is always well worth a look is Reflections at Keppel Bay. Boasting an enviable choice of units, either for rental or for sale, the amazing architecture is always guaranteed to provocative interest. In fact, the buildings themselves are less like housing and more like a slice of contemporary art. Within the complex there are six towers and 11 low-rise villas, wit a design to suit every taste.

Occupying an area of 100,000 ft.², as well as luxurious accommodation, Keppel Bay also boasts many amenities. Amongst these there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool, an exclusive clubhouse, and a fully-equipped gymnasium. To describe the views from the apartments as stunning is an understatement. Above the properties there are lush sky gardens, built atop gently sloping roofs. Residents can choose to enjoy the wonderfully warm Singapore climate from these retreats, or go out to visit any of the nearby parks.

This housing development really sets very high standards in real estate investment. The attention to detail is meticulous, with every aspect of its design, from architecture to the quality of its finishing, created with complete customer satisfaction in mind. Another plus is the fact that Keppel Bay's stunning architecture is surrounded by a variety of similar world-class properties. There are also a great many of Singapore's renowned attractions within striking distance. Not only does this complex overlook the beautifully tranquil waters of Singapore's bay area, simply having an address listed at this property is considered extremely prestigious.

Popular with a cross-section of Singapore society, from business people to expats, monthly rentals vary a great deal. An ideal way to get a hint of what the units have to offer is to go online, where videos of the interiors and exteriors can be studied in comfort. 99-year leaseholds are available.