Bringing the Outside In

The new CapitaSpring skyscraper is not just one of the tallest buildings in Singapore, it's also one of the greenest.

One of Singapore’s newest skyscrapers, CapitaSpring, redefines what a modern building can be. While the building is home to a hawker market, offices and serviced apartments, it is perhaps best known as a biophilic skyscraper. One hundred meters above the ground, and 35 meters tall, is the building’s "Green Oasis", a spiraling botanical promenade.

The Green Oasis houses over 38,000 plants and plays hosts to an amphitheater, a yoga alcove, jungle gyms, ideation nests, work pods and a café. As if not satisfied with that, on the roof the building supports Singapore's highest urban farm. At 280 meters above ground, the "Sky Garden," consists of five different themed gardens which, in part, supply the two restaurants on the roof with fresh produce for a farm-to-plate dining experience.

To ensure that the experience of moving between all these areas was as seamless as possible, we conducted an in-depth traffic analysis using our state-of-the-art traffic simulation software. By examining multiple scenarios, even before a building has been built, we can keep waiting times to a minimum. Now, with real time data, our system continues to analyze and learn the building’s traffic patterns to continually improve its performance.

"Traffic analysis studies the performance of a group of elevators, based on assumptions about the expected traffic situation," explains Anthony Lim, Sales Director for New Installations. "The main focus is on capacity and waiting time. Using benchmark simulations, we can get reliable and comparable performance results which reflect the expected real behavior of a group of elevators under a wide range of traffic situations."

Schindler CLIMB Lift was also used to maximize on-site efficiency and safety. "Unlike traditional hoist lifts that are on the side of the building, Schindler’s CLIMB Lift is installed inside the building," explains Halim Draman, Project Director of the Large Project Team. "Instead of being a temporary fitting it’s a permanent elevator that grows at the same speed as the construction."

The elevator is internal, which means that it could be used around the clock, transporting materials during night shifts. This is usually not possible with hoist lifts. And as it wasn’t exposed to outdoor elements, it could be used in all-weather conditions. This all meant that productivity was sped up and construction could move at a faster pace.

While Schindler CLIMB Lift allows faster transportation of workers and material to the desired destination, saving hours of waiting time across the project’s timeline, Halim also points out another key area Schindler CLIMB Lift helps improve – on-site safety.

Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) certification

On May 20th 2022, we were awarded the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) certification marking another milestone of our focus on sustainablity and green building advancement.

Our Schindler 5500 and Schindler 7000 elevatorshave recieved the SGBC score "Leader" (the highest score possible), while our Schindler 9300 and Schindler 9500 escalators have obtained the SGBC rating "Excellent".

This mean we can help make the process of attaining the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)'s building Green Mark Certification much easier for property owners and developers by providing a range of certified and pre-authozied products.

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