Huobi Secure OTC Trading Services

Huobi announced the launch of a new program: Huobi OTC Desk. Huobi's OTC Desk is safe and secure, offering low spreads and zero processing fees. These services aim to increase payment methods and help minimize users’ transaction costs.

Huobi OTC provides fast payment processing and competitive prices for users around the world. For example, USD transactions are typically paid within 1 hour and the trading pair is USDT/USD- USDT/USD, spreads can go as low as 0.0001. It also does not charge any transaction fees. The price shown to clients is the 'all-inclusive' price.

The minimum trade amount for offline OTC transactions is $100,000 worth of assets. For transaction sizes over $100,000, quote trading is supported through the exclusive trading chat room.

Currently, Huobi OTC Desk supports bulk deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies consisting of: US dollar(USD), Euro, Great Britain pound(GBP), Australian dollar(AUD), Canadian dollar(CAD), Swiss franc(CHF), Hong Kong dollar(HKD), Japanese yen(JPY), Singapore dollar(SGD), and USDT/USDC transactions.

If the investors’ bank has restrictions and doesn’t allow crypto related wire payments, the OTC Desk program will provide a proprietary virtual account solution (for USD only).

The services are not only suitable for individual investors or traders, but also Fund Management Institutions, Asset Management Institutions, Family Offices, Crypto Exchanges, Quantitative Trading Institutions, and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

The Business Manager of Huobi OTC Desk shared, "As the crypto market continues to grow, mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained popularity in mainstream institutional portfolios. Huobi OTC Desk will help professional investors purchase or sell a block quantity of cryptocurrencies in real-time, which can reduce the risk of market slippage, allow for competitive quotations, and increase operational efficiency”.

About Huobi OTC Desk

HuobiPay UAB, a registered Virtual Currency Exchange Operator and Depository Virtual Currency Wallet Operator with the Register of Legal Entities of Lithuania, offers a secure and professional over-the-counter (OTC) desk that allows institutional clients and high net-worth individuals to purchase or sell a number of cryptocurrencies in real-time. This helps reduce the risk of market slippage, offer competitive quotations, and optimize capital efficiency.