Largest companies in Singapore

Largest companies in Singapore

Singapore remains one of the world's most open economies and its love affair with the free market continues apace. Business tends always to be booming on the island and this is reflected on how many large, internationally influential businesses are based there. Here is a guide to some of the largest brands and organisations who call Singapore home.

Cerebos Pacific

Cerebos is one of Asia's leading manufacturers of food and health supplies. Its main catalogue of products is made up of sauces, condiments, coffee beans and chicken related products.

Amtek Engineering

A precision metal stamping company, Amtek provides better engineering and manufacturing techniques to its clientele. Amtek parts can be found in everything from televisions to toasters to cars to computers and much, much more.

Frasers Centrepoint

An investment holding company, Frasers Centrepoint's biggest business is done in the architectural field. In fact, Frasers is now seen as one of the world's great innovators when it comes to supporting the building of high quality houses, both in Singapore and abroad. This is due to a mixture of different qualities that is displays in these projects, from the choosing of great locations, to the intelligent pricing, to the perfectly judged sales dates and launches and the excellent marketing campaigns.

CK Tang

Singapore's most prominent retail organisation, CK Tang's department stores and merchandising can be seen all over the island. These elements are far from the only arms in its operation, however, as it is also distinguished in the catering, café, restaurant, fashion retail property fields.

Boustead Singapore

Boustead is an investment holding business, one of the most trusted and long established of its kind. Its operations have been credited with spurring on much of the economic growth that has recently taken place in Singapore, thanks to Boustead's unique infrastructure.

British American Tobacco

With over 180 different markets across the globe, BAT is the second biggest cigarette manufacturer in the world. The secret of its success is its massive network of farmers – it works alongside thousands in countries all over the world to ensure it gets the largest and best tobacco yield.

Jardine Cycle and Carriage

Like many states in South East Asia, the automotive industry is a big part of the Singaporean economy and Jardine is at the centre of this. It works for a number of the biggest car brands in the world, including Mitsubishi, Kia, Mercedes and Citroen, providing numerous services including manufacturing, assembly, retail, distribution, mining and heavy equipment.

Auric Pacific Group

Once again, we add another investment holding company to the list, which shows you just how profitable and popular this business is in Singapore. Auric is known for being involved in wholesale distribution, equipment for the health industry, wine and food and property investment. Auric is a well-known brand throughout Asian business.

Captialand Commercial

A real estate company, Capitaland is also a major player in hospitality and financial services. Amongst its huge catalogue are offices, homes, houses, malls and more. It is by no means limited to Singapore either, with properties in 20 other nations.

City Developments

Known locally as CDL (City Developments Limited), it's the granddaddy of all property companies in Singapore. Since the early 60s, CDL has been lading its industry, developing hotels, apartment blocks, clubs and much more all over the island.